Have you heard of the Fishers AgriPark? 

I have probably asked this question about 100 times in the last year alone. You can ask any of my friends, coworkers, and local colleagues: I am obsessed with the AgriPark. Located off 113th Street and Florida Road, the AgriPark is a 33-acre urban farm right in the heart of Fishers. It is a magical place that I want everyone to know about. 

The AgriPark is full of family-friendly fun, including public fields and gardens, farm animals like Otis the pig, a playground, a nature trail, tree nurseries, and more, all managed by Fishers Parks. From the moment you walk into the thriving farm, it feels like you’ve been transported far away from the suburbs. It’s a beautiful escape. One other great feature: It’s completely free to visit! 

As you walk in, be sure to check out the “u-pick” sign to see what is ready for harvest. Whatever veggies are listed on that board are free for visitors to pick and take home. I’ve enjoyed everything from green peppers and jalapeños to lettuce and herbs from the AgriPark. There’s usually a table by the events barn that offers whatever vegetables they have excess of for you to take home as well. They grow everything from onions and kohlrabi to eggplants and broccoli. 

If that wasn’t enough to get you excited and wanting to visit, here are two other fun tidbits. First, they recently welcomed two baby lambs to their farm animal lineup. They were delivered just a few weeks ago by two AgriPark employees (And yes, I’ve already gone to visit them.). The second is that the farm puts on a variety of free or low-cost events every year, from teaching visitors how to garden to spaghetti sauce lessons using produce from the garden. 

This barely scratches the surface on all the wonderful areas to explore at the AgriPark. Follow their Facebook page to stay up to date on all their events, which vegetables are ready for picking, and more fun updates and photos. 


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