Attendance Requirement

  • Attend Opening Retreat (August)
  • Attend Closing Retreat (June)
  • Attend 9 Monthly Class Sessions (September – May), missing no more than 2 class sessions

Monthly class sessions run from 8:20 am-4:30 pm. Cohort members must arrive on time and stay until sessions adjourn. If these requirements are not met, this could jeopardize the member’s matriculation to graduation and grant of alumni status.

The dates of all the sessions are outlined here. Dates are set, but the locations, times, and speakers are subject to change. Updated agendas will be distributed by email prior to each of the monthly sessions. You should always refer to these agendas for location and schedule information.


Community Meeting Requirement

Attend two (2) community meetings and provide a one-page report indicating the date and time of the meeting, length of time spent there, and three observations from the experience. A template will be provided to all participants at the Opening Retreat.

Community meetings can include:

  • County Commissioners’ meeting
  • County Council meeting
  • Town Board/City Council meeting
  • School Board meeting
  • Hamilton County Governmental Affairs Committee meeting
  • Nonprofit Board meetings: YMCA, Red Cross, Hamilton County Tourism, HCLA, Prevail, Boys & Girls Club, Janus, United Way, etc.
    **Look in the local newspapers for meeting dates, times, and locations, or call the organization you are interested in for meeting information.

DISCLAIMER: You cannot attend meetings of groups or organizations with which you are already involved or those that are work-related.


Class Project Requirement

Class Project topics are identified, and project groups are formed early in the 10-month program. Detailed project guidelines will be outlined at the Opening Retreat with a presentation time for each project during the Closing Retreat.