NOBLESVILLE, IN – As Hamilton County Leadership Academy (HCLA) opens the application process for its 33rd cohort of leaders, they are thrilled to announce that Patrick Propst has been selected to serve as the HCLA dean for the Class of 2024. HCLA has been educating leaders and cultivating community networks for over 30 years.

“As an alumnus of the HCLA Class of 2018, I immediately saw the impression and influence that HCLA and its deans had in Hamilton County,” said Propst. “In particular, I saw how each dean had a unique ability to channel the leadership, knowledge, networks, and resources of each class to shape and elevate all areas of life in the county. I look forward to meeting this year’s class as they begin their journey with HCLA.”

“The HCLA board is honored that Patrick is volunteering his time to support the growth of Hamilton County by serving as dean,” Andrew Bradford, HCLA president shared. “His commitment to service will support the mission of HCLA to amplify impact and empower community members with access to people and insights into the operations of Hamilton County.”

The dean plays an integral role in creating the class culture and connectivity and providing meaningful insight and expertise throughout the HCLA class experience. They serve as an ambassador for the program in the community and will collaborate with the HCLA executive director and board to cultivate and maintain an engaging, dynamic, and thought-provoking learning environment.

“HCLA is eager to watch the guidance and growth Patrick will provide to the Class of 2024. His innate ability for developing individuals so they can identify their why and make an impact where they reside and work is clear and we can’t wait to harness that skillset into the HCLA cohort experience,” said Diana Coyle, HCLA executive director.

Propst is an ordained minister and has been serving alongside Faith Community in Noblesville since 2004. Faith Community recently re-missioned and is exploring new faith expressions in today’s world, while encouraging and supporting free-range Christians. He also serves as part-time executive director for Serve Noblesville and began his own life coaching, consulting, and spiritual direction company called Pachlain.

Patrick’s 18 years of living and raising his family in Noblesville created a passion for the city and the people. He recently launched a podcast with a good friend called A Sinner and Saint. On it, they explore the day-to-day experiences when we are at our best and our worst. Patrick’s work, regardless of the hat he is wearing, is guided by the mantra of helping people, businesses, and organizations to “discover their good.”

Patrick Propst married his wife and Noblesville native Kami in 2001 and have three children, college freshman, Jada; high school senior, Asher; and sophomore, Hines. They live in a unique 1875 Italianate house in Old Town Noblesville. He enjoys cooking, baking, hiking, gardening, riding motorcycles, movies, bourbon, cigars, and the winter season. He collects books and PEZ. His PEZ collection is around 1,000 pieces and most of them have been given to him by friends over the years.

Applications for the HCLA Class of 2024 are currently open and will close Wednesday, April 12. If you are interested in learning more about HCLA, its community impact, and how to apply for the Class of 2024 find more information at Members of the Class of 2024 will be announced in June.



NOBLESVILLE, IN – Hamilton County Leadership Academy (HCLA) and Invest Hamilton County have launched a new community ambassador program. The partnership, called HAMILTON CONNECTION will highlight personal stories of HCLA alumni and allow those Connectors to help personalize the things that make Hamilton County a great place to live, work, learn and thrive. Fifteen HCLA alumni have signed on as Connectors through the first year

“Our alumni network is excited to be community connectors for those new to Hamilton County, interested in relocating here, or looking to identify new ways to engage where they reside or work,” said Diana Coyle, Executive Director of HCLA, “a key part of what makes HCLA a great program is it dives deep into our community which makes our alumni the perfect group to help others do the same.”

Through Invest Hamilton County’s website, those interested can access Connectors’ stories, experiences and personal snapshots to learn more about the Hamilton County community.  If the stories spark additional interest and a desire for further conversations, individuals can reach out to Hamilton Connectors through a variety of social media channels to engage in conversations about topics like volunteering, employment, and/or community events.

“If you Google search any community in our County you will see amazing articles about the quality of our schools, parks, roads, health and employment,” says Mike Thibideau, President/CEO of Invest Hamilton County, “what this program does is personalize those accolades, showcase the diversity of experiences that make our community great, and provide an opportunity for immediate connection.” Thibideau also looks forward to the Connectors engaging with other similar programs in the Indy Region.

Visit to learn more about the Hamilton Connection program and to see profiles of participating HCLA Alumni.