Living in Noblesville has been such a happy accident in my life.  I did not grow up in this community, but I jokingly tell everyone I married into it. My husband and both sides of his family have been a part of the Noblesville community for multiple generations. I relocated to this area when we were married around nine years ago, and I feel so grateful this is where I landed. Not only is it an ideal place to grow our family, but the events, accommodations and community support is unmatched. I tell everyone I know to move to Noblesville! 

Beyond getting involved in the schools and volunteering for organizations we care about, our favorite thing to do is grab some friends for a night out downtown Noblesville. There are so many things to do like visiting coffee shops, boutiques, or antiques stores. But my favorite spot is most definitely 9th Street Bistro. This restaurant, owned by Chef Samir and Rachel Mohammad, is an intimate dining slice of heaven right in the heart of downtown Noblesville. This dynamic duo goes above and beyond to connect to the downtown Noblesville community. The bistro is always packed with diners (regulars and out of towners) because the exceptional service and unique menu is second to none. Recently, Chef Samir was named a James Beard Foundation award semifinalist for our region. We are so proud of him!

I fancy myself sort of a regular and make a reservation whenever I can. Rachel always greets me with a warm hug and excitement because she knows I consider it a special treat when I am able to come. She knows I have an important guest visiting from out of town, or I begged one of our babysitters to let us have a night out. All that to say Rachel, Chef, and the entire staff make you feel welcomed the moment you step into their dreamy bistro. This crew knows how to create a sense of home and place of belonging. 

It might sound cheesy, but don’t you want to go where everybody knows your name? That, for me, is 9th Street Bistro. 


Hamilton County Leadership Academy (HCLA) and Invest Hamilton County have launched a new community ambassador program. The partnership, called HAMILTON CONNECTION will highlight personal stories of HCLA alumni and allow those Connectors to help personalize the things that make Hamilton County a great place to live, work, learn and thrive. Meet the Hamilton Connectors HERE.