One year ago, I was presenting for HCLA Social Services Day along with fellow social services leaders sharing information about our organizations with the HCLA Class of 2021. I shared about the services that my clinic offers, shared about how the Hamilton County social services agencies work together so well, and learned about how many of the Executive Directors were former HCLA attendees. That day, I decided to apply to the HCLA Class of 2022. I knew that these colleagues were passionate and dedicated leaders within our community, and I believed HCLA helped them achieve this.

Today, I am a member of the Class of 2022 and have come full circle. I am an attendee, and I am also once again a presenter for Social Services Day. I believe this day is the most important class that we have experienced because it ties together the information that we have learned about government, housing, development, economy, and resources with respect to those in need in our community.

As a member of the Class of 2022 and as a social service leader, I am so proud to listen to my classmates ask insightful and meaningful questions and offer innovative ideas to solve problems. I am inspired to affect change and I hope my classmates are as well.

Lisa Zouvelos Kreag, MSW, LCSW
HCLA Class of 2022
Executive Director
Heart and Soul Clinic