Graduation Requirements

1. Attendance at the opening retreat, closing retreat, and graduation are mandatory, as is attendance at 7 of the 9 monthly sessions in between. Missing any time during the program sessions will count as ½ day off (e.g., being late or leaving early). The dates of all the sessions are outlined in the curriculum overview. Dates are set, but the locations, times and speakers are subject to change. Updated agendas will be distributed by email prior to each of the monthly sessions. You should always refer to these agendas for location and schedule information.

2. Attendance at two community meetings (at least one hour at each meeting) or local community service work must be done to complete graduation requirements.  A report indicating the date and time of the meeting or volunteer experience, length of time spent there, and three perceptions gleaned from the experience is due to the Executive Director prior to graduation. The report should be no more than one page in length.

Community meetings can include:

  •   County Commissioners’ meeting
  •   County Council meeting
  •   Town Board/City Council meeting
  •   School board meeting
  •   Hamilton County Governmental Affairs Committee meeting
  •   Chamber Coalition Legislative breakfast
  •   Nonprofit organizations’ board meetings: YMCA, Red Cross, HCCVB, HCLA, Prevail, Boys & Girls Club, Janus, United Way, etc. 

Look in the local newspapers for meeting dates, times and locations or call the organization you are interested in for the meeting information. The only caveat for this graduation requirement: You cannot attend meetings of groups or organizations with which you are already involved or those that are work related.

Community Volunteer Experiences can be found on the HCLA website or individuals may find their own experience.  Class members cannot count volunteer hours for activities they are already involved in. 

3. The completion of a class project. Topics are identified and project groups formed at the opening retreat or first full day session. Project guidelines are outlined in the class manual.

Project Group Guidelines

1.  Groups are asked to provide brief oral updates to be delivered to the class in December, February and April.  Content should include objective, timeline, progress, problems and/or changes.

2.  Projects are to be completed by graduation.  Any extension must be submitted to and approved by the Dean and Executive Director. Requests for extension of project time must include a thorough and  detailed timeline and plan with all project members’ signatures on the agreement.  A written report of results shall constitute completion.

3.  Use of letterhead, access to funds, or the pursuant of any activity in the name of the Hamilton County Leadership Academy must be cleared through the Executive Director and Dean.

4.  Everyone is expected to contribute and participate in projects.  If the group feels someone is not doing so, concerns should be discussed with the Executive Director and Dean.

5.  Project groups should be prepared to conduct press interviews on projects and outcomes by mid May.

6.  A display and short summary presentation of project results will be given by the group at the graduation ceremony in June.

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