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Carmel Youth Assistance Program Carmel Youth Assistance Program MENTORS NEEDED

Carmel Youth Assistance Program
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Term Length:
1 year
Description of Position:

Do you know ONE caring adult, such as a neighbor, friend or relative, who could be a positive role model for a child?
It only takes ONE hour a week, playing in the park, watching a movie or helping with homework, to make a difference in a child’s life!

Carmel Youth Assistance Program Becoming a Mentor How can YOU help improve the quality of life for ALL children in Carmel? ONE CHILD AT A TIME! Residents of Carmel, Indiana, and the surrounding cities in Hamilton County, are known for having a very high quality of life compared to other areas of the country. We have great schools, beautiful homes, high paying jobs, and a relatively low cost of living. However, did you know each year hundreds of children in Hamilton County are at risk of becoming a part of the juvenile justice system? Our schools try to help these children and their families get the assistance and attention they need, yet some of these children lack the needed caring adults in their life who could help them take steps in the right direction. How can you help? BECOME A MENTOR! Becoming a mentor is one of the best ways to help these at-risk youth achieve a positive and prosperous future. A mentor is a role model; someone who will invest in a child’s life, help build their skills and confidence, and just have fun. Every child deserves to have a positive role model whom he or she can trust. The Carmel Youth Assistance Program partners a caring adult with a child who needs a mentor.

Criteria for Candidate:

As a mentor, you will be asked to make a one-year commitment to spending at least one hour each week with your child doing things you both enjoy while you serve as a positive role model. The mentor and child can do everyday activities together such as playing in the park, going to a movie or learning to balance a checkbook. You will not be expected to spend large sums of money. What is valuable is that you share time together and have fun as you introduce your child to new experiences. It’s proven that children who have mentors do better in school, have higher selfesteem and make better choices.

Organization's Mission:

The Carmel Youth Assistance Program (CYAP) serves as an early intervention advocate for youth ages 3-17 who are facing challenging life circumstances. We take a holistic approach to coordinate our community’s vast array of talents, services and resources to help youth and empower parents. We are a coalition of government agencies, schools and community members who proactively seek to reach at-risk youth and help them find a path to success.