Creating an Environment for Success – Setting the Stage Through Proper Leadership

Creating an Environment for Success – Setting the Stage Through Proper Leadership
by Michael Fry
Vice President, Business Development – LUNA Language Services

As leaders of businesses, organizations, groups, and teams, one measure of our success should be in the overall work environment we strive to create. Building an atmosphere where team members feel valued, respected, and empowered enables that team to work at its highest level and to be its most productive.

When attempting to create such a culture, several aspects should be considered:

Everyone Wants to Feel Important
Try to avoid the stereotypical top-down approach. Rather, create a setting where everyone knows they are truly valued. When possible, pull team members across the organization into meetings who wouldn’t expect to be invited. It's often the junior members of your team who have the front-line connection with your clients, customers, services, and technologies. Ask them for their thoughts – and then be ready for the great ideas they bring forward!

Focus on the Why
As leaders, our intention should be to clearly articulate the why of our company, organization, or group. Why do we exist? Why do we do what we do? Why do we work the way we do?
As you work to inspire others with your organization’s why, note that individuals have their own personal why as well. The more you can allow individual team members to align their personal mission with that of the company or organization, the greater the feeling of connectedness you can create. Help your staff to see how they can most personally connect with the business's overall purpose and their output will be extraordinary.
Talk Less and Listen More
In a position of authority, we sometimes have the impetus to provide our opinions before we've heard from others. Try to avoid this. By giving everyone an opportunity to speak, and intently listening while they do, you accomplish several things: you let everyone on the team know their opinions truly matter, you get to hear a wide range of ideas, and you gain a lot of valuable information before you share your opinions.
Put Yourself Last, Not First
In my opinion, leaders of an organization are there to support the staff – not the other way around. Truly putting your team members ahead of you further instills this culture of connection and trust. Only after you’ve achieved this atmosphere can you then most successfully realize the whys. The organization’s. The individual team members’. Yours.
Ultimately, effective leadership is about creating an environment and culture that leads to maximum productivity – and purpose.

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