Thoughts on Leadership

Thoughts on Leadership

Shane Hageman
President, Hageman Group

Any leadership effort that is substantial (building a new business; dramatically changing an organization, pursuing lofty achievements, etc.) comes with uncertainty. During that process, people in your business may ask “where is this business going?”

I was confronted with that question three and a half years ago on January 27, 2014, only months after being named President of Hageman Group. Here was my answer:

At the core, this business starts with people. People will make us or break us. The right people will propel us to where we want to go and give us the best chance for success. The wrong people, or no people at all, will lead us to poor execution and ineffective results.

My #1 priority is building the very best team of people to add to our existing team. The new additions must not only have the experience and knowledge to get the job done, but even more importantly, fit our culture and share our values.

After those first 2 paragraphs, I went on to describe the plan of what positions I intended to hire and how they would fit in the organizational chart. (We were a small group at the time, and there was skepticism about adding layers of management) I finished my response with this:

Ultimately, the people in our business is the answer of where the business is going. We are creating our story as we speak. We are in the midst of forming our direction and team to get us to a place we can't entirely foresee.

Since that time, I can say we have added the most remarkable people to our team and we are just starting to hit our stride. We still don’t have every detail ironed out of where the business is going, but we know we’re headed for something great if we go there together with this team.

In the last three-and-a-half years, our business has been transformed, but not because of any individual idea, capital investment, strategic plan, or good fortune. We have been transformed by our people – who share our values and our vision. I’m thrilled to see where we go from here…

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