Leading with Humility and Discipline

Leading with Humility and Discipline

Scott Fadness
City of Fishers, Mayor

I am certain every aspect of leadership has been analyzed and discussed at length by academics and practitioners far more accomplished then I, but I will do my best to provide some insight from my experiences.

To be blunt, leadership is about humility and discipline. That may seem counter intuitive to the leadership personas that immediately come to mind. Humility frees a leader from the restrictions of ego and self promotion and allows them to be mission driven. Discipline is required on a daily basis to ensure that you continue to prioritize what is truly important and to not allow distractions both positive and negative to distract you from your end goal.

I certainly hope that I exhibit the discipline to lead in my role on a daily basis and have the humility to know that to be successful I will require the help of others. This combination of drive and honest self awareness is what I think leadership is about, but I continue to learn more every day, so take anyone's advice with a grain of salt .

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