Becoming Curriculum Dean

Becoming Curriculum Dean
Corby Thompson, Class of 1994
Boomerang Development

What a thrill it is looking forward to involvement in the upcoming 26th Hamilton County Leadership Academy class. Once again, deserving applicants were turned away as the awareness of the success of the program continues to attract interested individuals.
Through survey, participant input and consultation with the varied presenters from class sessions, the curriculum committee and the ever attentive professional staff continue to improve upon what past classes learned such that this class will experience the best historical as well as the most current applicable ideas and programs from throughout Hamilton County.
As incoming Dean, it has been very helpful to have past Deans to look to for guidance and direction. Being a rookie, the immediate concern is how best to insure that this class be rewarded for each participant’s investment of time and money. The curriculum itself will provide the students with a wealth of knowledge about the incredible efforts and contributions of so many of our friends and neighbors to the wonderful quality of life that is available in Hamilton County.
It is after all, a Leadership Academy. Hamilton County does not exist by happenstance. What then can be taught regarding how Hamilton County came about and what did the past leaders do in order to affect the transformation? Are leaders born or made? Admittedly, I don’t know.
I do know that I will get more from the class participants across the next ten months than they will get from me. Each participant will be asked to summon the courage to fully participate. First and foremost, each class member will understand that the Academy is for their benefit, and their well-being and experience are of primary importance. Hopefully, the class will learn from and then challenge the speakers and presenters with deep thoughts, insightful questions and new visions.
This class will learn together, laugh together and become friends. I am so looking forward to opening up, per Forrest Gump’s mother, this “box of chocolates”. If Jill Doyle and Laura Crum are still talking to me next July, maybe they will let me pen what was found in that “box”.

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